Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Welcome to The Show, Kid....(and welcome back, Sugar Bear)

We've been waiting (some of us patiently, some of us with more rage than George Costanza) for what seems like eons to see some of what Andy Mac is always talking about. "We're going to grow the arms and buy the bats." I hear that sentence in my sleep. And many of us have seen the Baby Birds throw down on the farm, but we hadn't seen them against real Major League sticks in a real, live Major League game.

Until last night.

Brad Bergesen was the first Baby Bird to leave the nest, and pitched about as well as we could have imagined last night against the White Sox, who are a pretty good veteran group of hitters. One earned run on four hits in 5-plus innings. I'll take that every single time.

But once again, un-fucking-earned runs. Holy shit. This time two more, thanks to an error by Wigginton. I really, really can't wait for Mora to get back. Wiggy's too fat to play third. If that grounder last night were a quadruple stacker from Burger King, there's no chance it gets by Chubby. A team that was supposed to be built on defense LEADS THE AL in unearned runs right now. Yeah, it's early. But you never, EVER, want to be No. 1 in that category. Not even after Opening Day. That's how 90-loss seasons happen, man.

But enough of the negativity. Let's get back to Brad (or Ice Berg as a commenter on Camden Chat called him...). A lot to like about this kid. He works extremely quick, which I always like. And he's got good movement on his breaking stuff. He ain't shorting out any radar guns, but he's going to be solid. And you have to love the Skipper's committment to him. He said something along the lines of Bergeson being in the rotation. Last night wasn't a try out. (Yes, I'm too damn lazy to look up the actual quote. You want that, go to the Sun's website). And he said it as he often does, matter-of-factly. Skip doesn't mix words. I wonder if he's like that at home?

Trembley: "Honey, you're making meatloaf tonight, and we're adding it into the regular meal roatation. This isn't a try out for meatloaf. Now don't fuck it up."

Mrs. Trembley: "OK Skip, I'll do my best."

Nice to see Aubrey get the power stroke working again two. I'm 61 percent sure that the first one he hit went over the warehouse. Yeah, I went there. The second one was a bomb too.

And Nick continued to show why he is Big Dick Nick. Like Camden, I heart him. I truely do.

Damn, it just felt good to see the sticks show back up and knock 74-year-old Jose Contreras around a bit. And it's always nice to get back to .500.

As for tonight, we're already losing 3-0 as Guts is off to a rocky start....again. But Sugar Bear's back, which is always a good sign.

Oh, and we just learned that Alfredo Simon is out for the year.

At least I'm leaving you with some good news.


  1. How many solid pitchers are needed to make a solid rotation? Do all 5 need to be good? Or can Guthrie, Koji, and Bergeson make us competitive.

  2. I love dat name.....DAT SUGAR BEAR.....I want a Sugar Bear jersey......translation.......t-shirt